Polyiso Rigid Foam Insulation Boards



At Ken Nichols Insulation we sell factory seconds polyiso rigid foam insulation boards at steeply discounted prices. We've been serving happy customers from all over the Midwest including Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and more for almost 40 years!


Polyisocyanurate (polyiso) rigid foam insulation, also known as yellow foam insulation, is one of the best products for insulating attics, basements, garage doors, metal buildings (pole barns), and more. With an R value of about 6.5 per inch (R-6.5), polyiso rigid foam insulation has a higher R-value than both extruded polystyren (XPS) and expanded polystrene (EPS) rigid foam insulation with R-values of 5 (R-5) and 3.8 (R-3.8) respectively. Ken Nichols Insulation provides polyiso foam sheets of various thicknesses and with foil, gray latex, or black felt facing.

rigid foam insulation sheets, polyiso foam insulation panels

There are many benefits to using polyiso rigid foam insulation boards instead of fiberglass or cellulose insulation including the fact that foam insulation board does not easily absorb water, it can create an air seal when using foil insulation tape, and it doesn't lose its R-value through compression like fiberglass insulation may. See our prices at the top!

​Other Insulation Products


polyiso rigid foam insulation value bundles

Clearance Value Bundles

Assorted odds and ends stacked approximately 4 feet high and strapped together. Good for cutting and fitting between studs. This "grab bag" of insulation pieces and rejects provides you with incredible savings. First come, first served. Limited availability.



Per Bundle



foil insulation tape

Foil Insulation Tape

Seal the seams between sheets of insulation with our retail quality 2" wide aluminum foil insulation tape. One 150' roll will cover approximately twelve 4'x8' sheets when taping a ceiling or approximately eighteen 4'x8' sheets when taping a wall.



Per 2" x 150' Roll



Blowout Special
Single Bundles of 3/8 inch Foam Insulation Sheets

We have an over abundamce of 3/8  inch Foam insulation sheets!

We need to make room in our warehouse...

So we are offering this Blowout Special on bundles of 3/8 inch 4 ft  x 8 ft sheets of factory seconds foam insulation.


You must buy at least one complete bundle of 3/8 inch foam insulation for $100 each bundle to get this price. (Our normal discounted price is around $400 for the bundle so you save around $300 per bundle.)

Each bundle has 90-100 sheets. So you would be paying around $1 for each sheet compared to our normal cost of $4 per sheet.

Elsewhere each sheet would cost $10 or more, so you are saving at least 90% by buying it by the bundle!

These are available on a first come, first served basis.

Please call 1-800-424-1256 to arrange to pick up at our warehouse and to check availability.


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